The Colors of JG 54

The paint schemes and camouflage of JG 54 have been of great interest to historians because of their sometimes unusual and colorful markings. Anders Hjortsberg who runs the website, have created profiles of JG 54 aircraft. Click the thumbnails below to find out more information about the selected profile.

Larger versions of the profiles are available. Please contact Anders Hjortsberg for more info


Stab JG 54

Hannes Trautloft Bf 109 G-2, July 1942

I./JG 54

Stab I

Hans Philipp Bf 109 F-4, May/June 1942

II./JG 54

6./JG 54

Unknown Pilot Bf 109 G-2, Summer1942

III./JG 54

Stab III

Reinhard Seiler, Bf 109 F-4, Spring 1942

Karl-Heinz Kempf, Bf 109 F-4, June 10 1942

7./JG 54

8./JG 54

Max-Hellmuth Ostermann, Bf 109 F-4, May 1942

9./JG 54

Hans-Ekkehard Bob, Bf 109 F-2, June 23 1941

Hans-Ekkehard Bob, Bf 109 F-2, July 1941