Emil ‘Bully’ Lang

Emil "Bully" Lang

Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-5

Flown by Leutnant Emil "Bully" Lang, 5./JG 54, Siverskaja/Russia, May, 1943.

Luftwaffe historians Ray Tolliver and Trevor Constable, describe Emil "Bully" Lang as "one of the bravest men" in the German Luftwaffe. This well known track-and-field athlete joined 9./JG 54 in the East in 1942. He earned the nick-name "Bully" from his bulldog-like appearance. On October 21, 1943, he achieved 12 victories (Nos. 62-73) in one day; in December 1943 within three weeks 72 victories, reportedly 18 on one day! As commander of II./JG 26 he carried on his successes on the Invasion front, shooting down 25 Allied aircraft in a matter of weeks. On July 9, 1944, "Bully" shot down three Spitfires in five minutes; on August 15, two P-47s in one minute; on August 25, two P-38s in three minutes; and on August 26, finally three Spitfires, his victories Nos. 171-173.

"Bully" seemed almost invulnerable, until the undercarriage of his Fw 190 fell out during a dogfight with P-47s over Belgium on September 3, 1944, whereafter he was then shot down and killed.

Comments: JG 54 was known for its ingenious camouflage colors and paint schemes. Both this Fw 190 A-5 [see above] and von Bonin's A-4 had a camouflage in two green colors which resembled the late war RLM 82, and 83.


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