Hans Philip

Hans Philipp

This is the aircraft flown by Hans Philipp in May/June 1942. It seems to have been originally finished in RLM 70/71 to which a third, much lighter color was added in the spring of 1942. The lighter color has been carefully sprayed around the tip of the chevron. In color photos of this aircraft, the light color looks like a medium or light, blue-ish green but the exact color is hard to determine.

Hans Philipp took command of I./JG 54 in early February 1942 after its able commander, Franz Eckerle, an ace with fifty-eight victories and winner of the Knights Cross, failed to return from a mission on February 14, 1942. It is believed Eckerle was hung by Russian soldiers after bailing out of his stricken Bf 109 after a dogfight with four I-15bis' of 71 IAP-KBF. At the time of his promotion, Philipp was JG 54's most successful Experten with a total of seventy-seven victories.

The rudder of Philipp's aircraft is adorned with the number '86' and 14 victory bars, signifying a total of 100 victories. Philipp became the fourth Luftwaffe pilot to score 100 victories on March 31, 1942 by shooting down a Curtiss P-40 of either 154 or 158 IAP.


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