Hubert Muterich

Hubert "Hubs" Mütherich

Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-2

Flown by Oberleutnant Hubert "Hubs" Mütherich, 5./JG 54, Samra/Russia, August 6, 1941.

"Hubs" Mütherich took part in the battle of Britain, where he shot down his first eight enemy aircraft. Having scored two additional victories in the Yugoslavian campaign in April 1941, he became Staffelkapitän of 5./JG 54 and led this unit in the invasion of the Soviet Union.

Hannes Trautloft, the famous Geschwaderkommodore of JG 54 "Grünherz", wrote down in his diary the following radio traffic from the occasion when "Hubs" Mütherich achieved his 32nd aerial victory, on a mission over the bridges over Luga a grey-clouded day in August, 1941: "First, there is Leutnant Pöss's unmistakingly broad Ostmärkisch: Excuuse, excuuse, wheere aare the Raatas? Then follows a rough Prussian voice: Nix Ratas, behind us friendly fighters! The microphone is scraping energetic: Thank you very much for friendly aircraft! These chaps are shooting at me! Shortly afterwards, another voice, crying with excitement: OK - they are Russian! - I'm turning! Hooray, he's burning, he's burning! Victory! And the confirmation from the wingman: He's bailing out. Congratulations to victory number thirty-two!"

Oberleutnant Mütherich was killed on September 9, 1941, when his Messerschmitt 109 made a ground loop during a force-landing following a dogfight with Soviet fighters near Leningrad. He was accredited with a total of 43 confirmed victories.

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