JG 54 Loss List

JG 54 Loss List


Thanks to the tireless efforts of Gunther Rosipal, the JG 54 Homepage is proud to present for public use, the JG 54 Verlustliste.

I would also like to thank Hans-Ekkehard Bob, the late Hannes Trautloft, Otto Kath, Erwin Leykauf, Artur Gärtner, Norbert Hannig, Rolf Mehwitz, Pierre Watteeuw, Christer Bergström, Christian Kirsch, Günther Rey, and Rudolf Walter.

As there are still many blanks that need to be filled, any assistance in adding to the JG 54 loss list would be greatly appreciated.

Below is the the memorial stone dedicated to the men of JG54 who made the ultimate sacrifice during the war. But, the memorial is also for the pilots of JaboG34, a Bundeswehr unit, who lost their lives in service and duty for their country and a free Europe.

The stone is situated at the home of JaboG34, the airbase at Memmingerberg/Memmingen.

Every year in October, during the meeting of old (JG54) and young (JaboG34) men, there is an hour of tribute to the late pilots. This picture was taken during that ceremony in 1996.


Please remember these men when making use of the JG 54 loss list.

The loss list is in Excel 7.0 / Win95 format

Note: Many of the columns and headers are in German. Do not panic. Gunther has provided an 'Explanations' tab in the Excel worksheet.