JG 54 Operations Map

JG 54 Operation Maps

JG 54 Operations Map France & The Low Countries

Well, here it is; the first JG 54 Operations Map

The original plan was to have text boxes appear when a mouse pointer moved over a certain area. The text box would include information such as unit stationed there, period stationed there, and possibly what aircraft were flown. Unfortunately, you can’t do any of this in HTML. JavaScript is always a possibility, but I have no clue on Java.

Note: Base locations are not to scale and are placed as close as possible to their approximate position. Consideration was given for organization purposes and space.

JG 54 Operations Map Germany

Note: The base locations are not to scale. The Bremen-Hamburg and Cologne areas had many bases clustered in close proximity. As a result, the accurate placement of the bases was sacrified for readability; some bases were eliminated altogether.


JG 54 Operations Map Russia / Poland

Again Note: The base locations are not to scale. I had to exclude many of the lesser known bases in the Leningrad area so I could fit the 4 major base locations. In the scope of things, these 4 bases were occupied for over two years by JG 54 and I feel their importance outweighs the removed bases.


Courtesy of Gunther Rosipal is a series of grid square maps of the Leningrad area – JG 54’s old stomping ground. It is a 644k jpeg file that is zipped using WinZip 6.0. Download it at your leisure.