Living History Flying Day – Focke Wulf 190A-9 Gallery

Living History Flying Day - Focke Wulf 190A-9 Gallery

The Planes of Fame Museum located in Chino, CA held its monthly Living History Flying Day on the first weekend of 2020 and focused on the Fw 190.

In the 1990's a German company produced 21 airframes that could be assembled into operational Focke-Wulfe 190's.  The airframes were built to factory specifications from Kurt Tank's designs.  Airframe #11 was purchased in 2000, but assembly on the pre-fabricated kit didn't begin until 2007.  After two years, the White 14, made its maiden flight in 2009.  The engine is not a BMW 801, such an engine was not available in flight worthy condition.  The engine is American made, along with the brakes, oil cooling system and several safety features required by the Federal Aviation Administration.

There is approximately 70 hours of flight time on the airframe.  The aircraft is now on permanent loan to the Planes of Fame museum.  It does take trips to other museums and air shows.  Indeed, after the day's aerial demonstration, White 14 was scheduled to fly to the Palm Spring Air Museum.  It didn't happen as White 14 returned to Chino due to technical reasons.

The aircraft is painted in the colors and badge of Sturmstaffel 1.  This staffel was the first to fly the Sturmbocke ("Battering Ram") up-gunned and up-armored Fw 190 and assigned to JG3.  The unit was intended to be a group of specialized bomber-killers (American B-17's and B-24's) that were punishing the Germany's war industry.

Although this aircraft isn't a specimen from the Second World War, it is a full-scale replica.  It presents a unique opportunity for aviation enthusiasts, historians and the younger generation to learn more about these planes beyond black&white photos or static museum displays.


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