The above document is the combat report of Obgefr. Reinhard Meisig. Below is a translation of the combat report describing the loss of the Kommandeur of the III. Gruppe, Hptm Arnold Lignitz.

Gunther Rosipal was kind enough to scan and translate the combat report.

M e i s i g , Obgefr.

III./Jagdgeschwader 54 combatpost, the 30.9.1941, M.

C o m b a t r e p o r t .

I had the order to fly together with Hptm. Lignitz in a Rotte "free hunting", in the area of Leningrad, start at 11,34 o'clock.

At 12,12 o'clock it began a dogfight north of Leningrad with 5 J153 in 2500m altitude. Hptm. Lignitz set in good position and attacked from above behind, surprising for the enemy. I set myself outside right and attacked the qutside right flying aircraft, but had only a short time to shoot. Suddenly I saw in front left of me an upflying wing ­ i pulled up and could see only still, how the machine spinned over the left wing downwards into the clouds. The clouds was around 500 m high an I could not follow the crash, also I was attacked by the J 153 front ans backwards.

I pushed over Leningrad in south directioen in low level flight and gavethe message by F.T. (Radio) to the 8. Staffel, who stayed in the combat area, with place, time and altitude.

Historial Note:

Arnold Lignitz was reported MIA near Leningrad while flying a Bf 109F-2 (WNr 9668) on 30 Sep 41. His victory total at the time was 25.

This information was obtained from the JG 54 loss listing posted on this website.