Here are some selected pictures taken by my friend Christer Bergstöm at Monino airfield outside of Moscow.

The idea of aircraft on display not being roped off is absolutely foreign to me. I cannot recall any aviation museum in the US that does not have its exhibits roped off. No doubt a wonderful opportunity to get up close to these wonderful aircraft.

I believe this might be the first production MiG-29 "Fulcrum". I base this assumption on the '01' located on the port engine intake.

Ah, two world famous individuals - the Pe-2 and Christer himself!

To the right of the Pe-2 might be a Lend-Lease C-47.

An SB bomber. Christer wrote the following about this aircraft. "The designation 'SB' means High-Speed Bomber. SB-2 simply means that it was twin-engine. The Germans misinterpreted this and thought that the designation was 'SB-2' (sometimes they even called it "Martin bomber").

A Lend-Lease B-25 is behind the SB and a Tu-22 "Blinder" is in the background.

A Yak-23, one of the first early jet fighters, and cousin to the twin-engined MiG-9.