Pacific Fighter Aircraft Profile Book No 9 by Claes Sundin

Pacific Fighter Aircraft Profile Book No 9 by Claes Sundin


Claes Sundin’s latest profile collection is his first book exclusively focused on the fighter aircraft serving in the Pacific Theater of Operations from 1941 to 1945.

There are 130 full color and highly detailed aircraft profiles in the book.  The profiles are evenly split between Japanese (64) and Allied (66) aircraft.  For the Allies, the reader will find profiles for the main protagonists during the Pacific War: United States Army Air Force (26), United States Navy (20), United States Marine Corp (9), Commonwealth (10) and Russian (1).  The Japanese profiles give a good mix of Imperial Japanese Army Air Service and Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service aircraft.

The reader can be confident that Claes has researched the colors and markings of every aircraft profile in the book.  This is his reputation and he is tireless in his research, especially when tackling profiles of Japanese airplanes where it notoriously difficult to obtain good reference material.  Claes acknowledges several contributors who assisted him with this endeavor.

In addition to the amazing aircraft illustrations and artwork, Claes has added historical narratives linking the pilot and plane.  The captions or paragraphs are longer than any previous Sundin profile books, nearly 50% more!  The detailed narratives allowed Claes to give context to the pilot, plane, squadron at that time during the war.  The small histories permit the reader to humanize the profile and imagine what the pilot was facing when at controls of the particular subject machine.

The book contains profiles of the aircraft flown by famous aces such as Butch O’Hare, Gregory “Pappy” Boyington, and Alexander Vraciu on the American side and Saburo Sakai, Hirotoshi Nishizawa, and Tetsuzo Iwamoto for the Japanese.  There are many other well-known aces in the book that are just too numerous to spoil here.  It is up to the reader to purchase the book and discover the treasures within.

For any aviation enthusiast and scale modeler, the book is a must-have to add to their collection.  I eagerly await Claes’ next book and hope he returns to the Pacific Theater soon.

If you’re interested in buying the book, click on the picture above and you’ll be directed to Claes’ webshop.

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