Robert ‘Bazi’ Weiss

Robert "Bazi" Weiss


Focke-Wulf Fw 190 D-9

Flown by Leutnant Emil "Bully" Lang, 5./JG 54, Siverskaja/Russia, May, 1943.

At this time, the author of this page has little information on the exploits of Robert 'Bazi' Weiss on the Eastern Front. Previously a member of JG 26, Robert Weiss spent 2 years in the East. It is estimated that Weiss scored 90 out of his eventual 121 victories in the East, mostly while flying the Focke-Wulf.

But 'Bazi' Weiss makes his mark with the Green Hearts when given command of III./JG 54 on the Invasion Front on July 21, 1944. In Willi Heilmann's book, "I Flew for the Fuhrer", Weiss is described as a 'fine fellow' whose sparkling blue-eyes hid the force of will necessary to lead men in battle. This type of leadership was crucial given the impossible odds III Gruppe faced on the Invasion Front.

The personality of Robert Weiss can be seen in the following exchange with the Paris ground controller:

Weiss: "Thanks Primadonna! You have driven us into a damned wild boar wallow this time. But Rube Anton (call sign for III Gruppe commander) attacks. Out."

Primadonna: "Wait till other cyclists (friendly fighters) can come to help."

Weiss: "The enemy won't wait any longer. My last request to you is to shut up and play a good record. With hot music we can bank better!"

Under Weiss' leadership, III Gruppe was the most successful fighter unit over the Invasion Front, claiming over 150 Allied planes.

On December 29, 1944, due to a ground control error, Weiss led Stab./III JG 54 and 11./JG 54 into large formation of Spitfires from Nos 331 and 501 squadrons. As the Dora-9's attacked the Spitfires, more Allied fighters in the form of Typhoons from Nos 168 and 438 Squadrons joined in. The battle raged overhead near Lingren, but the vastly outnumbered Grunherzfliegers were doomed. In the blackest day in Grunherz history, Robert Weiss, along with 15 other pilots were killed.


Weiss plate © Claes Sundin1997