Hannes Trautloft


The personal aircraft of the Geschwaderkommodore, Hannes Trautloft.
The Geschwaderstab of JG54 recieved it's Bf 109G-2's in July 1942 but it's not known when photos of this aircraft were taken.

This aircraft has the same kind of head armour as used for the Bf 109G-1’s pressurized cockpit. It also lacks the small intake below the windscreen.

Trautloft's G-2 wears a three-color segmented camoflage in greens and brown. There are several theories about these colors. Speculation includes whether the colors used were mixed up in the field, captured Russisan colors or field test versions of future RLM colors such as RLM81 and 82. For this profile I've used RLM70, RLM79 and the Russian AMT-4.



Prien, Die Jagdfliegerverbände der Deutschen Luftwaffe 1934 Bis 1945, Band 9 Teil III

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